About PicWhizz

About PicWhizz

Picwhizz is a set of processes and software to allow resellers and affiliates to market Video SEO services under their own brand. Picwhizz provides the production, the distribution, the reporting and the tracking allowing the reseller/affiliate to focus only on sales.

Picwhizz is owned and managed by Techndu.com, an American company based in Bangalore India, and has been in the SEO outsourcing business since 2007. We have been doing video SEO for over two years now and since Google’s recent  focus on eliminating most SEO link building, video SEO is one of the few legitimate link building techniques left to professional SEOs. This has created a huge demand in the online marketing community.

FOR RESELLERS AND OUTSOURCERS. SEO Companies, Agencies, Social Media Management Firmse

The skillsets, staff and resources required to effectively provide a Video SEO service makes it difficult for many people to quickly take advantage of this rapidly expanding market. With our background in outsourcing, we know this is exactly where outsourcing becomes a viable option.

For SEO companies, social media management companies. ad agencies, design and development firms, Picwhizz eliminates the need for research, procedural development, training, additional equipment and additional staff.

For resellers it’s a typical outsourcing system that is fast and easy.  No investment required. No training of existing staff needed. No additional equipment needed. Sign up today and start selling Video SEO by tonight.


For affiliates, it is a turn key business opportunity. No need to hire programmers. No need to learn how to SEO videos and no need to invest in any development. Just join, use our sample site or our buttons and banners and start offering a value rich service to the public.

Picwhizz provides all the backend software to handle ordering and reporting. We provide an admin panel where you are free to edit anything in the entire system. All Graphics, all text and even the prices and packages. We have no restrictions on where or how you advertise and you have access to all the same sales data we have.

                                    And BEST OF ALL, you GET PAID FIRST.

For affiliates it is a revolutionary concept that we hope will shift the balance of power from the brokers to the affiliate marketers.

And BTW, Picwhizz is a wholesaler and outsourcing business. We do NOT compete with our partners and do NOT sell anything to the public. Your customers are your customers and YOU are our customer.

Lets start with showing you just what Picwhizz provides under your company name once you secure an order.