Our Reports Provides 100% Transparency

We provide you with links to each submission so you can verify the upload and live video with just a click. After the 7 days required for all submission orders, we’ll send you a report that shows who uploaded what, when and where complete with a link so you can see for yourself that the submission was done and it was done right!

Below we have provided screen shots of the reports you get for each order. These will be branded to your company of course, so you can forward them or give access to your customers.

About PicWhizz

Picwhizz is a set of processes and software to allow resellers and affiliates to market Video SEO services under their own brand. Picwhizz provides the production, the distribution, the reporting and the tracking allowing the reseller/affiliate to focus only on sales. Picwhizz is owned and managed by, an American company based in Bangalore India, and has been in the SEO outsourcing business since 2007.

We have been doing video SEO for over two years now and since Google’s recent  focus on eliminating most SEO link building, video SEO is one of the few legitimate link building techniques left to professional SEOs. This has created a huge demand in the online marketing community.

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5 Simple Steps to Make Money with Video SEO

1.  Decide on the name of your business.


2. Fill out the short form and send it to so we have the name of your business and the url where you are going to place the offer. 


3. Decide on how you want to display your offer. It can be anything from a simple banner on other pages or sites to a full business website, using our sample site as a guide. There has to be at least one url to place the order form


4. When we get your email, we’ll send you all the files you need along with the login for your admin panel and step by step instructions.

5.  Install the files and start selling!

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New Services We Provide

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We guarantee that your video/photo will be submitted to the exact number of sites you choose. Of course we can’t control anyone else’s ….    Read More

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