Picwhizz is a outsourced Video SEO service being offered to affiliate marketers and resellers.

Picwhizz owner, Bob Massa began offering retail SEO services in 1996. In 2007 the SEO environment had become so complicated that many diverse services were being employed to provide value to clients. Coding, link building, conversion optimization, design, analytics, content creation all became equally important, yet the vast majority of SEO companies and Design firms lacked the resources to be proficient in all the above disciplines.

In 2006 the decision was made to modify the business model from retail to wholesale SEO services and to capitalize on the lower labor costs and the huge talent pool, production was moved to India in 2007. Techndu Internet Services became an outsourced service provider for design, consulting and SEO firms across the globe.

From the beginning our philosophy has been, we can not make money unless our clients make money first. So every service, program and process has been developed and priced in a way that we can offer our services to the company, branded under their name, and priced so that our hourly fees can be doubled, tripled or increased even more and then that rate is charged to their clients. We’ve never cared how much our resellers charge. What they charge and how they run their business is their business and only they know the clients definition of value.

Our philosophy has always been

Do the best we can do for the end client

Be proud of what we do

Do what we say we will do

And never do anything to place our clients or their clients at risk.

Picwhizz still follows that same philosophy by offering a specialty Video SEO service and priced in a way that our resellers can make a profit of several times their cost while providing a value rich service to their customers. We have kept the pricing simple so it’s easy for our resellers to fully understand how to provide the best service and make the most profit from it.

Picwhizz Affiliates are people who market specific products or services and expect a commission on sales. With the Picwhizz service, we actually allow affiliates to collect payment first, deduct their 50% and pay Picwhizz the other 50%. They typically have a sales method that relies on gaining new clients on an ongoing basis.

Picwhizz Resellers are companies of any size that already have an existing client base to whom they offer promotional services. Ad agencies, web development companies, hosting companies, social media management companies and primarily SEO companies.

First of all, we offer a wide range of outsourced SEO services and we’re happy to discuss anything you may have a need for. However, at this time we are focusing on partnering with resellers who’s clients could benefit from Video SEO but when faced with the challenges of hiring and training special staff to handle the production, the time consuming processes involved in optimizing, sharing with specific video sharing sites and distributing the video for maximum return, are either not presently offering Video SEO services or are offering them on a limited basis thereby missing out on more than just more profits, they are missing out on providing a service that provide their clients more links, better branding and higher conversion.

Also, there are VERY few companies offering Outsourced Video SEO services and the market is growing fast. We understand why few companies can offer the service. It took us almost two years to define the process and develop the software, so we see why and we also see there is a need for a service like Picwhizz.

It is a very inexpensive and effective way to promote any site, product or service. Video SEO has 4 primary objectives.

#1. Increase qualified traffic to a target site.

#2. To create brand awareness and expand the reach of the brand

#3. To increase engagement and conversions

#4. To generate quality inbound links to the target site to help in gaining position in

the organic SERPs.


We’ve tried to meet two objectives with our pricing options. While Video SEO is complicated enough to offer real potential upsell opportunities, we wanted the pricing to be easy to understand for our resellers and their clients and to offer pricing that makes it almost impossible not to make a profit.

Entry Level Pricing $100 per month

Up to 10 videos submitted to up 500 video/photo sites.

Professional Level Pricing $200 per month

Up to 10 videos submitted to up 500 video/photo sites.

Its up to you how you want to sell the service and what to charge. You can have 2 videos doing 50 sites each and by changing titles and descriptions do 50 sites 5 times in a month.

You could do 10 videos to 500 sites two and a half times a month or anything in between.

Also, we are here to support you, so if you have a different pricing model, talk to us and we’ll work hard to make our service fit your business model.

We have 9 different processes we use on each video. These are:

1. Create a Video Sitemap to submit to Google

The best way to appear in Google’s blended search results is to submit your video to Google using a Video Sitemap. This is similar to an XML sitemap, but is formatted specifically for video, and only contains information about your video content. It is submitted using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

We will create the code and email it to you so you can create your google webmaster account and submit the sitemap we send. (we can do it for you if you prefer)

2. Create a robots.txt to be placed on each video page.

This ensures that Google can easily verify that the locations on the Web you’ve submitted do in fact exist, and that they contain embed codes which indicate the presence of a video.

Again, depending on who and where the hosting of videos will be, we’ll create the robots.txt file and either install it if we have access to the specific video page or send the file to you.

3. Titles and Tags

When ranking videos, Google primarily considers the match between search keywords and the video title. Although Google allows you to submit other meta-data such as description and keywords, these currently don’t have as much influence on your search ranking. Google likes it when the title tag of the page matches the title of the video, and will give a higher weighting for results where this is the case.

We will create multiple title tags for each video. Regardless of how many sites you want the video submitted to, we’ll modify the title and description for every 5 video/photo sharing sites. Then over the course of one month we’ll submit each vide to and video review sites and directories.

4. Embed Code

Allow other sites access to the coding that will allow them to embed the video on their website or blog. This can help gain valuable back links and shares that will boost rankings.

Make it easy for the video to gain links by adding an embed video code for each video and each variation of title. We’ll make sure the embed code is on each video we submit.

5. Syndication

RSS feeds have millions of subscribers who find content based on keywords.

We submit each unique video title to RSS feeds and syndicate the videos to drive exposure across various online platforms..

6. Install tracking codes

Reporting the stats is what will increase the value of your service and encourage repeat orders.

We add tracking to each unique video title and we send a tracking report to you for each order after 15 days and once every 30 days from then on for up to one year. This report will include things like: views, downloads, click thrus, shares, retweets, total number of followers, etc.

7. Social Media Distribution

Video directories and the links from social media are very effective in SEO.

We will distribute each unique video title to a wide variety of social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. using your account info, or send the details to you and have you post them. But if your client doesn’t already have a profile set up in a specific platform, at your request we will create one and forward the login details to you. We just do the work on your behalf but the account and the content belong to you! This includes setting up Google+ accounts for each new customer and updating it with each new video ordered. Google + helps in getting the url cached quickly.

8. Success/Failure Reports

This is how you know the submissions were done and done right.

With each submission we will get a confirmation that the video uploaded successfully or if it failed. If it fails we add more submissions until we meet or exceed the number of sites ordered.

We then send the confirmations along with the link to the listing to you so it can be verified.

9. Mobilizing the video

Many people are predicting more than half of all online videos are being watched on a mobile device and that number is expected to grow. Having the video “mobile friendly” can dramatically increase traffic, views, shares, retweets, and links!

We make sure each video is viewable on almost all wireless devices, The call from the browser is read and then the video is displayed optimized for Windows, Apple, Android and others.

Also, if there is a specific procedure or technique that you are confident increases value but don’t see it mentioned above, just tell us and we’ll do it your way. We’re not here to tell you how to run your business, we’re here to support you in YOUR business and the best way to do that is to make what we do fit with what you do!

We’ll send you files to upload onto your server. That software includes the interface where you enter the specifics of each video. All we require is the url where the video is hosted, a project name, a title, list of keywords and brief descriptions. Then select the number of sharing sites you want the video submitted to and if you have specific sites you want, just click the appropriate icon.

Some sites require information such as a name and email which you need to provide so we can make the submissions, but we don’t care whose name or email you give us. We DO NOT ever contact our resellers customers for any reason unless you ask us to so it doesn’t matter if you use the clients name and email or yours or someone elses.

That’s it. Where it usually takes one well trained full time employee a full day to do a maximum of 30 submissions, you’ve just got it done for up to 50 sites in 5 minutes.

Once we get the information, we start to work. The software you’ve installed allows you to input the required data and then alerts us. We login securely to the software and make the modifications and submissions. The software should be set up behind a firewall so that we can only access the software. If you’re uncomfortable with allowing access even to a restricted partition that’s no problem. We simply email you all the pertinent data and all you need to do is copy and paste and hit submit.

We do it this way for three primary reasons. #1. The content is your property and you should have control of it. #2. Doing it this way provides you with total transparency. You will be able to see anyone who logged in, when and what they did. You don’t need to wait to review reports sent by us like most service providers. We do send reports on the success and metrics of each project but they are just uploaded to your program so you can review 24/7. #3. Everything we do, we do under your brand. All communication and activity will be seen only as coming from you and your company. Picwhizz will not communicate with any of your clients and you clients can’t communicate with us even if they try to locate us through IP#.s

We do require up to 7 days for each video you submit because we don’t autoload or dump anything . Everything is either done through an authorized API or manually and we stagger the uploads and promotional submissions so we don’t overload anyone’s resources or draw attention to you. Due to our manual process we do require up to 7 days for each video to complete all submissions.

At least once a week, each activity is performed, it is reported to the Submission Report within your application. You can check at any time to see what activity has been done. Each report show what was done by whom, where with a link so you can verify for yourself. The primary function of the Submission Report is to display the success or failure of each submission.

Once all submissions are completed, after 15 days of submissions being completed, we then deliver a Metrics Report that displays the views, click thrus, likes, retweets, friends and followers, and inbound links. We update another Metrics Report every 30 days for up to 6 months.

These reports can be delivered to your client without you having to edit, reformat or modify them at all. They already have your logo and contact data so all you need to do is hit send.

The ONLY thing that is sometimes difficult to sell Video SEO to your clients is production. Some clients are reluctant to use their mobile or a video recorder to create the content. Most clients have very little idea of the costs involved in quality production.

To address this issue and help you sell more, we offer production services. Of course the cost depends on what the client wants and we can deliver just about anything all the way to Hollywood quality but typically, clients are happy with slide shows with a voice over or a music track.

Picwhizz is a outsourced Video SEO service being offered to affiliate marketers and resellers.

As always, we price this service so that you can charge whatever you like but easily double or triple our rate. For basic slide show production we only charge $99 – $299 depending on the length and scope.

If the client would use his mobile to send us clips, we can convert those to video in a range of formats. We only charge $49 for that.

We also have some “template” type videos that simply replace the head shots with the photo sent to us. If there are no changes to the template beyond the head shots and text the fee is only $99.

Don’t let clients’ misunderstanding of the production process stop them from using Video SEO. It can be handled easily and actually offers a solid upsell opportunity.

As online marketing specialist we all deal with a tidal wave of spam and “special deals” everyday. Who can we trust?

Well, in my business it’s imperative I trust my partners. So we’re not asking you to send us money and hope it works out. Instead we are offering you a way to see for yourself if you and I are going to be a good fit.

Start with the Entry level pricing option and we will accept your orders and not invoice you for 15 days. If the invoice arrives and you are not completely satisfied that we can work together to deliver value to your clients and both make money offering Video SEO services, just tell me what you feel I did wrong, (so I can fix it for the next reseller), and tell me you want to cancel and all the work we’ve done to that point is on me! If you’re not happy with me, my employees or my service, just don’t pay the invoice and we’ll both move on still friends!

If you have any questions or comments that we have not addressed, just ask!! Send your queries in an email to